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Chemical Anchors

We are offering Chemical Anchors to Our Client. High-performance mortar Chemical Anchors is the universal all-rounder for the most demanding requirements. The styrene-free vinyl ester-hybrid mortar is the first system worldwide that is approved for fixings in perforated brick, solid brick, concrete, and aerated concrete.

The injection mortar system also benefits from approved system components such as anchor rods, anchors with internal threads, and injection anchor sleeves for fixings in concrete, aerated concrete, and masonry in both internal and external areas.

The Fischer high-performance mortar Chemical Anchors is also used with the approved system components for rebar connections, remedial wall tie, and the Thorax stand-off insulation system.

Usage/Application: Construction
Packaging Size: 360 Gram
Water Absorption: After 14 days 0.9%
Hardness: 92 Shore A after 45 min
Temperature Resistance: 120 deg C